eTerns & southering shorebirds

Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

Late Thursday, checked Fort sign of Egrets...anybody know where they
are "nesting" there?

Late Friday, checked Heron's Head Park, nee Pier's filing up with
windblown trash and hand-dumped trash
no ducks, geese or GREG, one Cas TERN, one WCSO lotsa WEGU and

Now for the fun stuff, even later Friday, checked Ocean Beach between Pacheco
and Santiago:
120 Elegant Terns including many juveniles,,,in with flocks of Heermann's &
Western Gu
1 Cas. Tern
2 Whimbrel
13 M. Godwit
20 West. Sandpiper in breeding plumage
17 Sanderlings in breeding plumage, nary a gray feather to be seen

Might the Sanderlings and WESA be some of the ones bound south of Equator?
Godwits, however, do not go south of Panama. Whimbrels have been around all
Can we now declare the southern migration officially open?

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