Battery Godfrey, 12/28/15

Paul Saraceni

Spent several hours (7-10 AM) up at Battery Godfrey this morning with cold E-NE winds. Not many passerines around, but plenty of action in the GG Channel.

Observations of local interest:

N. PINTAIL 8 (flock of 7 m./1 f. flying E high over GG Channel)
Surf Scoter 6
Red-thr. Loon 26
Horned Grebe 1
Merlin 1 (flying SE over BG)
Peregrine Falcon 2 (1 perched on S tower of GG Bridge; 1 flying N)
Brown Pelican 60+
Brandt's Cormorant 400+
Pelagic Cormorant 2
GREAT EGRET 5 (a single "flock" flying E low over GG Channel; unusual number and behavior for this location) 
Whimbrel 2
Black Turnstone 4
Heermann's Gull 2
Herring Gull 7
Common Murre 14
ANCIENT MURRELET 1 (flying SW low over GG Channel)
Turkey Vulture 1
Am. Robin 120+
Varied Thrush 2
HOUSE WREN 1 (in scrub near NW corner of BG)
Orange-crowned Warbler 1
W. Meadowlark 1
Purple Finch 1

Also: Harbor Porpoise 2

During a more diverse flight the morning of 12/25 (with Ken Schneider), there were 60+ Band-tailed Pigeons (2 flocks), 8 W. Bluebirds (1 flock), 32 Varied Thrushes, and 16 W. Meadowlarks.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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