Heron's Head Wednesday morning Dec. 9


Did a nice, slow walk at Heron's Head this morning after breakfast in the City.  Met a PhD student from Oklahoma State, Corey Riding, who was also birding.  He helped me find the earlier reported Palm Warbler.  I probably would not have found it on my own, as it was along the south edge moving between rocks an, timbers and the water's edge.  So, thanks, Corey.  He also pointed out a Red-tailed Hawk on one of the light fixtures of the trash facility to the north.  Corey is presenting a paper tonight about birds and window collisions and how to design a building to avoid those problems.

It has been a few years since I visited, so I was surprised to find the little wooden finger pier to be almost all collapsed.  I remember when we used to see the Harlequin Duck sitting on the collapsed piece hanging down to the water at the farthest east point.

Lots of other birds present from Bushtits to Herons, plenty of ducks and shorebirds.  Heard no Rails, though.  By chance, we had a nice high tide this morning.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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