Pelagic report - SF waters Guadalupe Murrelet

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks

   We had a fantastic, pleasant trip out from Half Moon Bay to the Pioneer Canyon in San Francisco waters yesterday. It was calm so many of the larger birds were sitting on the water, but the weather allowed us ample chances to find small birds like murrelets and storm petrels. In the end we saw one Guadalupe Murrelet, and three Scripp’s, one of the latter in San Mateo, the others in SF water. Guadalupe Murrelet was a lifer for nearly all on board, creating a pretty awesome celebratory atmosphere on the boat. Photos here:

Large Ashy Storm-Petrel flocks were great fun to study, looking for unusual birds but surprisingly all of the different storm petrels were by themselves or away from the flocks. We encountered several Wilson’s, at least one Black, and a Fork-tailed. Another highlight was two Laysan Albatrosses, one in SF, one in SM. Many Buller’s Shearwaters, all three jaegers and South Polar Skua. Amazing was the complete lack of Sabine’s Gull, and any offshore terns. On the other hand we were into “old school” numbers of Blue Shark, and more fur seals than we have ever seen. Steller’s Sea Lion, N Elephant Seal, Humpback Whales, Dall’s Porpoise etc. made for a trip with lots and lots to look at. As has been the norm recently, very small numbers of Rhinoceros and Cassin’s auklet, but they were out there.

    We will be visiting some of these same waters, next Sunday. There are about 3 spots left.

Good Birding,


Alvaro Jaramillo



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