Mt. Davidson / Rose-breasted Grosbeak assistance

Cal Walters

I am an East Bay Birder who has been coming to SF to chase RBGB's for 5 years - nemesis!

I came to Mt. Davidson this AM - arrived about 8 and thought I heard the bird sing in a ravine. Unfortunately, I don't know if it is 'the ravine' many posters have referred to. I entered on a small trail off the corner of Myra and La Bica Way. There was a sign saying beware of coyotes on a temporary sandwich sign. I made my way up the trail to the first real crossing and went down a ravine that over looked some houses. That is where I thought I heard it. 

I then doubled back and followed the trails eventually leading to the cross. From the open area in front of the cross I made my way down a much larger road that had a car gate blocking the road into the park - which I think may have been the other side of Myra. There was a trail into a ravine that ran parallel to the entry road. There are so many fallen trees there, who knows if I was near the one people are referencing.

Would some one mind helping steer this wayward birder in the right direction. Was I in the right ravine, or is it in the area near the road into the park? 


Cal Walters

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