Kelp ?? Gull in Half Moon Bay.

Alvaro Jaramillo

HI folks


    An adult gull with fully Black back, stout bill, olive-yellow legs, pale eye and red orbital was at the Pilarcitos Creek Mouth in Half Moon Bay (Venice Beach) today from 1 pm to at least 1:45. I will post photos and details later, but wanted to get the word out. The darkness of the back and stout bill, thickset body are best for a KELP GULL!!! Rather than a very dark and large Lesser Black-backed Gull. It is a tad longer winged, and slimmer than a Western Gull, legs too dull back too dark for a Yellow-footed Gull, and the red orbital eliminates that as well.

    I wanted to get the word out earlier rather than later. I need to further convince myself that this is not a Lesser Black-back of any type. Likely this bird, was reported and photographed (the photos were not conclusive) from Ano Nuevo Reserve about two weeks ago or so. Assuming this is the same bird, which almost surely it is, the bird has been in this county for some time. So that is good. Unfortunately at about 1:45 I lost track of the bird and it disappeared, I have not heard if any of the local birders have re-found it. I had to leave unfortunately. The only reason I am concerned about the identification is because it is so inconceivable that a Kelp Gull could be here…but I am trying to get it through my thick skull that indeed that is what is going on. Sorry I can’t post photos immediately, but I have to shuttle kids and then I can get them from the camera and upload.




Alvaro Jaramillo



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