Spring pelagic this Saturday

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks,


   There are still spaces left for the spring pelagic this Saturday out of Pillar Point Harbor (Half Moon Bay). The spot forecast looks good for Saturday, before that we are going to have wind and weather but this is scheduled to have moved out by the weekend. We are hoping for some great migration offshore. Arriving numbers of shearwaters are being reported by fishermen, concentrations of breeding plumaged alcids are out there, and hopefully Sabine’s Gulls, Red Phalaropes, Black-footed Albatross and migrating Gray Whales. This is the time when migrant flocks of loons are in evidence, as well as concentrations of offshore Bonaparte’s Gulls where we always look for something unusual. In the past years we have seen Brown Booby and Scripps’s Murrelet at this time of year. Water has cooled down from the very warm water earlier in the year, although there is a warm bubble well offshore that was moving closer to the coast. Spring pelagics are rare, so take this opportunity to do one. At this time of year we are always hopeful for Murphy’s Petrel, although it is a rarity so not to be expected, but certainly a possibility. For more details and to sign up, please visit:


thanks so much!


Alvaro Jaramillo




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