Spring pelagic - Sat Apr 25. Half Moon Bay

Alvaro Jaramillo

HI folks


   Our spring pelagic is scheduled for Saturday April 25th, out of Pillar Point Harbor (Half Moon Bay). Recent wind activity has kick started the spring upwelling season and water temperatures have dropped drastically here in the last few days. Water has been up in the 57 degree range for months, and over the last few days it dropped to 52-53. Suddenly we are back to “normal” here. We shall see if that holds, or not. With the cold water we have had increases in chlorophyll, so productivity is increasing on the ocean and hopefully the food builds up. We expect arriving shearwaters to be out there, northbound Sabine’s Gulls, breeding plumaged alcids, breeding plumaged phalaropes, migrant Bonaparte’s Gulls, Black-footed Albatross etc. We are of course always hoping for a spring Pterodroma, such as a Murphy’s, Hawaiian or even Cook’s but as you know these are rarities so luck will have to be with us for them to show up. To sign up for the trips, let me know, or visit the page and book using PayPal.


July dates will be set as soon as I reconcile a schedule conflict.

Good birding to you all.




Alvaro Jaramillo




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