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Alvaro Jaramillo



  I may have missed this thread, but the original question is not answerable as we can’t track what happens to most vagrant birds. They also differ in their ecological needs, reason for which they are vagrants, and migratory tendencies. Some vagrants do imprint on a wintering area and come back again and again, so they do leave and presumably go somewhere farther north in the breeding season? A situation such as the gannet where the bird is lost and remains in the area year round is very rare. Most vagrants move out or move through depending on the season in which they are found.

   I do not understand the statement about Rustic Bunting being year round. This is not the case. The expectation is that this bird will move north as spring approaches. I would think that March or April will be when it will take off.





Alvaro Jaramillo



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According to my research Rustic Buntings found in California are year around birds.  In answer to your general question vagrants can do either.  And especially here in SF where the climate is so uniform.


  John Trefz


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This is a question, not a siting.

Is there any answer to whether vagrant birds will return to their normal range in the return migration leg or do they stay lost once they've gone outside their regular routes? I wonder both because of the GGPark Rustic Bunting as well as last year's gannet (is that bird still around?).

Amy Kuhlmann


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