Re: Black and white warbler and warbling vireo photos.

Peter Pyle

Hi Peter and Russ -

Warbling Vireo is nearly unprecedented in the Bay Area in December, so
very interesting report. Bell's Vireo may actually be more likely here. I
can't quite tell from the photos whether they are closer to Warbling or to
Bell's. In either case, great find, and it will be good to get additional
photos and all to document these birds. Hopefully, also, they'll stick
around for the SF Count.


See the “SF Botanical Gardens and Stow Lake Highlights� message for
more descriptions of the birds. I was the other birder who bumped into
Russ Bright today and took some pictures of the black and white warbler
and warbling vireo. I have posted the pictures on this photos section of
this forum.

Thanks to Russ for his spotting the vireo.

Peter Ohara

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