Re: [NBB] Interesting warbler at Fish Docks, PRNS

Peter Pyle

Hi all -

Keith Hansen asked me to forward this link to his video of the mystery warbler on outer Point Reyes last week:

There has been lots of lively opinion and you can add to it at Keith's blog site:

It'd be a lot easier to pass it off as an anomalous Townsend's Warbler or Townsend's x Black-throated Gray warbler hybrid if it were not for the virtually unmarked (mostly) green crown and back, coupled with the bold black underpart pattern. Can a bird be hypomelanitstic in one area but hypermelanistic in another? Some have suggested that it may not be an adult male but looking at Ron Mallory's photo and Keith's video, the wing-feather qualities seem more consistent with an adult than a first-fall bird to me.


At 08:53 AM 11/13/2014, Peter Pyle ppyle@... [northbaybirds] wrote:


Yesterday Keith Hansen videotaped a Townsend's-like warbler in the
swale that is anomalous in plumage. It is an adult male with a full
black throat but lacks yellow to the underparts and most of the head
(yellow confined to loral area and front of face), and has grayish
infusion to the back. The throat patch seems larger than on
Townsend's and boldly extends down the sides and flanks. It strikes
me as very similar to a Black-throated Green Warbler except that the
auricular patch is bolder than normal. It could be a washed-out
Townsend's, but in this case the crown and back are uniform
green-gray, with no hint of black except for a thin stripe bordering
the eyeline and a hint of dusky streaking to the back.

So adult male Black-throated Green with bold auricular or adult male
Townsend's lacking any black to the upperparts? I thought it'd be
worth getting the word out in case others want to see if it's still
there. Not much migrated last night with the incoming rain, so
there's a good chance.


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