Luke Cole's Birding & Natural History Library

Allan Ridley

I’m posting this announcement for Nancy Shelby, Luke’s widow, in an attempt to reach a community that would have interest in these specialized and unusual titles.

Luke Cole  (1962 – 2009) was a well known and loved birder in the San Francisco Bay Area, the California Central Valley, Alaska, Southern Africa, Madagascar.

His collection of books (and family collections handed down) on birds, bird names, birding, mammals, and natural history number more than 300 volumes.

I am offering these for sale at good prices first to the birding community Luke enjoyed, and am sharing the proceeds with Luke’s organization Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, in Luke’s memory. 

Please come:

Saturday, November 8, 2014 10:00am – 2:00

561 Hill Street (between Castro and Noe) San Francisco

If you are unable to attend the sale, I can send the list of titles to you by email.   Books may be reserved and picked up Sunday afternoon or evening. 

Here are a few of the 300 titles: 

Howell & Webb, A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America, 99

Jaramillo, Alvaro, Birds of Chile, 03

Slater, Peter-Pat-Raoul, The Slater Field Guide to Austrailian Birds, 04

Brazil, Mark A.,The Birds of Japan, 91

Sinclair & Landgrand,  Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands, 98

Curson, Quinn, Beadle, Warblers of the Americas, An Identification Guide, 94

Fuller, Errol, Extinct Birds, 01

Jobling James A., A Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names, 1991 First Edition

Dunne, Pete, Small-Headed Fly Catcher: Seen Yesterday. He Didn’t Leave His Name, 98

CD - Bird Sounds of Madagascar: Audio guide to the island’s unique birds

CD - Oiseaux de Madagascar, Mayotte, Comores, Ceychelles, Reunion, Maurice

St John, Mrs Horace, Life of Audubon, The Naturalist of the New World 1856. 

Samuels, Edward A.,BIRDS OF NEW ENGLAND  and Adjacent States  1875

Thoureau, Henry D,   Notes on New England Birds, 1910           

Maillard, Joseph, Handbook of the BIRDS OF GOLDEN GATE PARK, San Francisco, 1930

Paintings by J.F. Lansdowne / Text by John A. Livingston, Birds of the Northern Forest, and Birds of the Eastern Forest, (2 volumes), 1966

 There are books Individual Bird Groups and Species, History, Natural History, Mammals and Guides to the Birds of North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Bermuda, Trinidad, British Columbia, Africa, Australia, Japan, Islands of the Indian Ocean . . .

 Calif, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Con, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mass. Minn, Miss, Mo, Montana, Neb, Nev, NJ, NM, Oregon, SD, Texas, Wash. Wash DC, and Wisconsin.

 Please feel free to invite birders I may not know.

Nancy Shelby

561 Hill Street

San Francisco, CA 94114

mobile 415 652-0775


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