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   I was out on Mines Road on Monday and went to the trusty spot for Lewis’s Woodpeckers and none were to be found, zilch. I wondered about acorns and started looking at the oaks, no acorns in sight! At the junction restaurant where there is a big granary tree, the holes were empty. I have no idea if this has been an active granary in the recent past, but seem to remember seeing Acorn Woodpeckers active there. So vey little data, and only one point, but at least on Mines Road there are very few acorns in the trees.

    Acorn Woodpeckers on the move in the Central Valley as well, I gather with smaller number of Lewis’s.


Could this be the year I see an Acorn Woodpecker in the yard, I dare ask?




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  Checked a few spots the last couple of mornings. Highlights today included a MacGillvray's Warbler in the shrubs in front of the Academy of sciences among many other migrants. No large numbers but a smattering of most of the common migrants between the log cabin and oak woodlands. 


Out on the ocean over 500 Elegant Terns worked the mouth of the GG channel and Dom noted a feeding flock of 2000 seabirds near seal rock. Like clockwork, lots of baitfish including smelt, anchovies and apparently pompano are moving towards the bay with the breakdown of the summer pattern. 


 As the NW winds kicked up, the bait go down and the massive flock swarmed the flat rock below Battery Godfrey. 76 Willets there was a good showing along with two Marbled Godwits and at least 4 Surfbirds. A young Common Murre, separated from its father and alone on the rocks nearby probably didn't make it. Fields by Ft Scott nearby had a Say's Phoebe and a house finch swarm that could easily be hiding an interesting migrant. 


  Crossing paths with Dom we counted at least 8 Acorn Woodpeckers at the battery. I found more than that many today in GGP, where they were noisy and seemed to span all the way from Oak woodlands to Rhodedendron Dell.

The presence of this species in the city and elsewhere along the coast indicates an acorn crop failure in the interior. Locals inland tell me the trees are producing acorns of reduced size and dropping them early. Would welcome other peoples thoughts on this. Invasions of this species seem to happen some years and tend to show up around this time, acorn season. 


Mt Lake had a continuing Nutall's Woodpecker and Spotted Sandpiper along with the common migrants. Also a few immature BC Nightherons roosting in their normal spot along the far shore. 


 NW winds means big hawk movements, and its happening. Several Turkey Vultures, Red-tails and a few accipiters on the move. 


The wind is supposed to switch over night with possible am showers. Dare I say good conditions for a genuine fall out? 

  Good luck out there




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