Follow up report - Friday Aug 29th Farallon trip.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks


    I did make a quick report on the various boobies seen on our trip last week. However I should note a couple of other goodies. One was a Tufted Puffin perhaps no more than a mile off from Devil’s Slide in San Mateo county. It was the first of many Tufted Puffins on this day! The other was excitement that ensued after our fourth encounter with a juvenile Brown Booby as we headed out to the Farallons. Just as we were calling out this bird a few of us saw a Black-vented Shearwater fly by, including Logan Kahle. I looked down at the GPS and realized we had just squeaked into San Francisco County. I attest to the fact that Logan was one happy birder! I gather that Black-vented Shearwater is quite a good one in the county. But it was at about the perfect spot, far enough south towards San Mateo where they are more easily found, and in an area where the county line is still in inshore waters. Essentially it was half way between Devil’s Slide and the Farallon Islands. Two Semipalmated Plovers flew over the Farallon Islands as well while we were parked watching the gannet and boobies.


Going out of Monterey on Friday. E-mail me if interested.


Good birding!




Alvaro Jaramillo



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