Boobies galore, gannet.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi Birders,


  A very quick summary of our trip to the Farallon Islands today out of Half Moon Bay. The stars of the show were boobies. We started the day off with a young Brown Booby very close to shore off the Devil’s Slide. I think that chances are high that birders visiting the new Devil’s slide trail this weekend may have a chance of seeing one here, and do look on Devil’s slide rock and the cliff to the south, it may be roosting there. Heading to the island we saw a juvenile Brown Booby on three occasions, 3-12 miles or so from the first location. Given one situation where the bird headed off to the west and then minutes later we saw “it” again coming in from the east, we think that there may have been at least two juvenile Brown Boobies but we are not sure. At the island the Northern Gannet was there, as well as the Blue-footed Booby and a Brown Booby female. We enjoyed these guys as well as the many Tufted Puffins, mammals etc. After heading out to the deeper water offshore we sighted another female Brown Booby!! We were able to radio back to the island, we were about 6 miles away by then, and the booby was still on the island, so this was a new birds.

   Quick summary two booby species and a gannet all visible at the same time! We saw a minimum of three Brown Boobies, likely 4…and who knows it could have been more. Amazing!




Alvaro Jaramillo



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