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Birders on Shearwater Journeys's August 3 trip departing from Sausalito to the Farallon Islands had a fabulous day. In addition to the target bird, TUFTED PUFFIN, highlights included: the continuing NORTHERN GANNET, one of possibly two BROWN BOOBIES that have been hanging around the islands since this past spring, and a LAYSAN ALBATROSS that packed in with the BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSSES. We also enjoyed watching the rafts of PIGEON GUILLEMOTS feeding on juvenile rockfish. It has been a pretty good year for the breeding seabirds at the Farallon Islands. The complete trip report:

A Blue-footed Booby showed up at the islands the day after our trip. 

In addition, our leader, Peter Pyle brought a couple of buddies on board as part of a North American Big Mammal Day. Once again, they broke the record (their own record from 2013), with a total species count of 31 native species of mammals! A big round of applause for the intrepid Peter and his friends! The list and report:

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