Bison Paddock and North Lake

Kimberly Jannarone

Hi birders,

I took a quick bike ride to GGP today and was happy to see the eclipse male NORTHERN PINTAIL (first spotted by Dominik on 7/23) placidly swimming among a noisy whirlwind of young Pied-Billed Grebes.

In the woods by the Paddock, I saw 3 male HAIRY WOODPECKERS.  A family?  Two were interacting for 15+ minutes, posing, spreading tail feathers, and making little chirps.  These two both had very dingy outer tail feathers--more yellowish-tan than white.

Everything else expected, including one NUTTALL's WOODPECKER and one DOWNY.  Young Red-tailed Hawks swooped over the paddock, diving into the group of 50+ young House Finches.

-Kimberly Jannarone
San Francisco

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