Farallons - Brown Booby and Northern Gannet

Alvaro Jaramillo

SF Birders,


   Our Alvaro’s Adventures trip to the Farallons today was a great one! After seeing a bunch of Tufted Puffins, murres, and guillemots as we drove up to the island excitement broke out when we saw the Northern Gannet flying over sugarloaf. Eventually it landed, and began displaying to a Western Gull. So cool that he decided to be there for us, instead of at Alcatraz!




The complete unexpected bird was just a couple of hundreds of yards away, an adult female Brown Booby! After looking closely at the photos I decided it was a female. The bill is yellow based, and there is a dark area in the blue face right before the eye.




We are back on the Farallons next week. The next trip with spots are SF offshore birding on Aug 16th, and Monterey Bay on the 23d.


Good Birding.




Alvaro Jaramillo




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