Sutro Baths and Cliff House. Point Lobos Closure.

Lori Lee

Head's up: Point Lobos Lookout is going to be closed through the end of August 2014. They're removing a leaking fuel pipe from the bath's functioning era. Entire bottom trail is blocked. From the top trail you're blocked where the stairs up the cliff ends. So there's a top view, but the north is blocked by cypress. 

There was a nice collection of shorebirds today around noon on the rocks below the Cliff House Western Viewing platform. 

10 surfbirds

10 black turnstones

1 wandering tattler 


5 Heermann's gulls in what looked like transitional plumage

good collection of terns (elegant?) visible by scope

brandt's cormorants, western gulls, brown pelicans, in abundance.

additional pigeon guillemots, a black oyster catcher. 

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