Winter pelagic anyone???

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi there all,


    It is by now apparent that this is an odd winter, lots of heat, no rain, and seemingly lots of life offshore late into the season. I think it is ripe to try a pelagic in winter, and see what we can see. It is a high Northern Fulmar year, and who knows, years like this appear to correlate to years when Mottled Petrel has shown up (you can always dream can you not?). The reports from fishermen are that apart from the many fulmars, there are good numbers of Ancient Murrelets out there, and generally more life than in a typical winter. This would be a good trip to look for Black-legged Kittiwake, Ancient Murrelet, Short-tailed Shearwater, Flesh-foot is a possibility and maybe a rarer albatross. Possible rarities we shall look for include Thick-billed Murre, we will scrutinize alcids, and of course it could be very good for gulls. This will be an exploratory venture out of Half Moon Bay in winter, to San Mateo and perhaps San Francisco waters. Right now there is warmer water right at the shelf edge, which is interesting and tantalizing, but that could change in time. The weather has generally been good for pelagics this winter, so we hope it stays that way.


Anyone interested? Feb 9 is the date, $130, e-mail me or book directly on the website with PayPal:


This year I am offering a few more trips than last year, additionally two June pelagics from Hatteras, North Carolina with Brian Patteson!


Thanks again to the many, many of you who have been on our pelagics in the last few years. We have had fun haven’t we!!!!


Alvaro Jaramillo



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