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Peter Pyle

Hi all -

Thanks to Josiah, Logan, and other posters here I also heard the Oak Titmouse yesterday morning. It is the first county bird I've gotten in almost a year, after trying but missing titmice (5x), boobies (3x), and a few other things in 2013.

For those not as familiar with the location, it is best accessed off Lincoln Blvd a couple of hundred yards down (ENE) from the corner of Lincoln and 25th Ave. There is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill to the right (east) for the Lobos Creek restoration area with signs that mention "Lobos Valley" (but not "Lobos Dunes"). The boardwalk (actually a trexwalk) goes up Lobos Creek to the right of the parking lot. I heard the titmouse calling with chickadees exactly where Calvin Lou described it (below). It was behind a large lone Monterey Pine within the oaks.

At 04:39 PM 11/11/2013, you wrote:
After an unsuccessful hunt for the longspur, I went to Lobos Dunes (off of 25th Ave).
I ran into Logan who gave me the details. I walked along the boardwalk until I
was almost lined up with the brick buildings. The OAK TITMOUSE flew from the oaks
along the creek to the pines. Got a 10 seconds look before I lost it. This was at 330pm.
Calvin Lou


At 10:43 AM 1/15/2014, Josiah Clark wrote:

After a successful titmouse hunt w farrallon biologist and old friend Jim Tietz at lobos creek (a county bird for him), I looked briefly at the ocean. From baker beach hundreds of murres and thousands of gulls were immediately obvious flying around and on the water. The wind was strong from the east. Perhaps the noteworthy seabird numbers are herring related, if not some other major baitfish movement. Many fishermen anticipate a herring run during the current moon cycle. Those little fish do their business quick so hopefully we don't miss out this year! On the catbird front, I'm up to 10 attempts and still trying...

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