Brown Booby - Half Moon Bay. Heading North!

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hey folks


   Just got back from a fun family walk out at the Pillar Point Bluffs. As we were heading south towards the “ball” at about 12:15 a gull went by with an adult Brown Booby following it! Looked like a female based on the yellowish facial color. It was right over the bluffs, just a few feet away!! I did not have my camera, but my wife got her cell phone out and took identifiable photos:


The booby was going north but did a circle right in front of us before disappearing towards Montara. I would not be surprised if it shows up in San Francisco later on today. Pretty good bird for the weekend dog walk! Topped it off with a nice brunch at the 3-0 café, heartily recommended.


Good birding,




Alvaro Jaramillo



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