NW SF, 11/30/13

Paul Saraceni

With overnight ENE winds did another skywatch this morning with Hugh Cotter @ Battery Godfrey (6:45-8:45 AM). There was fog in the GG Channel but skies above it were clear. Once again, however, it was pretty slow, with no flight of waterfowl. The big gathering of gulls has mostly cleared out of the GG Channel.

Observations of local interest:

Mallard 1 m. (fly-by)
Surf Scoter 13
Common Loon 1
Pacific Loon 1
Red-thr. Loon 2
Brown Pelican 8
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
Merlin 1 (flying SE)
Peregrine Falcon 1 (perched atop S. tower of GG Bridge)
Eur. Collared-Dove 20 (flocks of 13, 7)
Band-tailed Pigeon 260+ (several flocks heading N)
N. Flicker 3
Varied Thrush 58 (fly-overs heading N in multiple groups)
Am. Robin 6
Hermit Thrush 3
Pacific Wren 1
Cedar Waxwing 18 (3 groups flying N)
Am. Pipit 1 (calling fly-over)
Yel.-rumped Warbler 6
Townsend's Warbler 2
W. TANAGER 1 (late; calling repeatedly from trees S of parking lot @ daybreak)
Fox Sparrow 3
Spotted Towhee 1 (heard-only, calling from scrub N of Battery)
California Towhee 1 (heard-only, calling from E of Battery)
Brewer's Blackbird 12 (1 high-flying flock heading E)
Red Crossbill 3-5 (heard-only flyover flock; sounded like non-local/montane types)

Late morning I did a loop thru Lobos Dunes. The highlights were a "Taiga" MERLIN that perched for photos atop several trees and a high-flying flock of 5 W. BLUEBIRDS heading S.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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