NW SF, 10/26/13

Paul Saraceni

Here is a belated report for Hugh Cotter and me from the Presidio, yesterday morning, Oct. 26.

Crissy Field:
Most noteworthy were 2 big, healthy-looking Coyotes loping around and hunting gophers out in the open in the grass field near the sculptures, around 8 AM. Several curious people stopped their cars and approached rather closely to take photos with their phones.  Bird-wise, there was at least 1 female TRICOLORED BLACKBIRD in the mixed-blackbird flock in the field, and 2 N. SHOVELER, 1 m. Greater Scaup, and 1 f. Com. Yellowthroat at the west end of the lagoon. 30+ Elegant Terns were roosting on the old Coast Guard pier.

Tennessee Hollow:
We walked around the residential area including Rodriguez and Morton Streets and the "Lover's Lane" paved footpath looking for the interestingly-described sapsucker.  Saw several trees in the vicinity with fresh sapsucker drillings. When we were just about to leave we heard then observed briefly a sapsucker in a lone tree up the hill (east of) the footpath, before it flew further east into the canopy of the pine "forest". Would have liked better views but our conclusion was that the individual we observed was likely a Red-breasted x Red-naped hybrid. It had a mostly red head including well-defined red throat bordered by long white malar stripes. The red did not appear to continue below the chin onto the bird's breast, though we did not observe a black border below its red chin. It had well-defined white markings in rows down its back. Don't know if this was the same individual reported on Friday.

Also observed:
Cooper's Hawk 1 (fly-over)
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1 (fly-over)
Merlin 1 (fly-over; rather pale-headed, perhaps "Prairie" subsp.)
Hairy Woodpecker 1
W. Bluebird 2 (very high, calling fly-overs heading SE)
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW 1 (hillside above footpath)

Battery Godfrey:
After the fog burned-off we put in about an hour skywatch, with the following observations:
Pacific Loon 1 (on the water)
Peregrine Falcon 1 (perched atop S tower of GG Bridge)
PARASITIC JAEGER 2-3 (harassing gulls in the GG Channel)
Bonaparte's Gull 4 (flying NE very high overhead)
Herring Gull 10+ (flying NE, including an interesting 3rd-cycle bird whose identity we haven't pinned down)
Thayer's Gull 1 ad. (flying NE)
W. Bluebird 1 (calling fly-over)
Golden-cr. Kinglet 1-2 (calling from trees E of Battery)
Wrentit 1 (calling from S of Battery)
Cedar Waxwing 30+ (calling fly-overs)
Am. Pipit 8 (calling fly-overs)

Harbor Porpoise 2
Cal. Sea Lion 1
Monarch (butterfly) 3
Variegated Meadowhawk (dragonfly) 1

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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