Second GBNA pelagic trip

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks


  A report of the second Gay Birders of North America pelagic today out of Half Moon Bay and covering waters in San Mateo and San Francisco. It was a tough day, with dense fog at times and a big and rolling swell all day. Still our overall list was similar to yesterday’s actually even greater, although total numbers were down. In San Mateo we saw the first Black-vented Shearwaters that have been seen in the Half Moon Bay area today (Five species of shearwaters were seen today). We saw a total of 9 South Polar Skuas, 5 in SF and 4 in SM, a veritable skua fest. A Tufted Puffin was in San Mateo, as was a Flesh-footed Shearwater. Two Ashy Storm-Petrels were in San Francisco county. The bulk of the Buller’s Shearwaters were inshore, in San Mateo county. Arctic Tern, a juvenile, showed up in San Mateo. Amazingly only one Black-footed Albatross was found today, it was a real tough going trip as far as numbers go. On the way in to the harbor folks in the back including Michael Retter saw the Red-necked Grebe, this was minutes after seeing a nice pair of Marbled Murrelets.

   It was fun to be out there with folks from out of the state, many with multiple lifers, and a great attitude even through thick fog. Thanks to the GBNA for coming to our little corner of the world, and to Jennifer Rycenga for organizing this great event.






Alvaro Jaramillo



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