Weekend Pelagics and the Gay Birders of North America

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks,


     San Mateo County birders are proud to be hosting the Gay Birders of North America this weekend! The group is going to be enjoying their third biennial birding get-together here, hosted by Sequoia Audubon Society (http://www.sequoia-audubon.org/ - check out the county birding guide!). The weekend promises to be good fun. For the group I have put together two pelagic trips, one on Sunday and one on Monday out of Half Moon Bay. These trips will be heading to the Pioneer Canyon (San Francisco), and some portion of San Mateo county offshore as well as SM shelf waters of course. It is a great time for Flesh-footed Shearwater, and we hope to find storm petrels in areas where we have been seeing them recently, as well as the three jaegers and South Polar Skua – these are among the many possibilities. There are a few spots open on Monday, and a couple for Sunday. If you are interested please let me know via private e-mail. The cost is $130, and there are never any fuel surcharges.  

      Share in the fun birding with our out of state visitors, and show off your local birds! Spotters on the trips will include Dan Singer, Bob Power, Mathew Dodder, Jennifer Rycenga, and from Indiana, the ABA’s Michael Retter.  


Also if you are land birding in San Mateo this weekend, make sure to report your sightings (e-mail/bird box) as the visiting birders will be keen to see any of the goodies you have all found. I am sure that Blue-footed Booby will be high on the want list.


Good birding




Alvaro Jaramillo




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