Another Great Shearwater in San Francisco!!

Alvaro Jaramillo

HI folks


    Amazingly we saw another Great Shearwater in SF waters, first spotted coming in on the back of the boat by Dan Singer. It did a close fly past and then veered back on the boat before disappearing to the north. This site is 6 miles ESE from the other in August. We will look at photos taken to see if we can determine if it is the same bird or not, my guess is that after so much time elapsed it is a different bird, but who knows. Location was:


37° 30.077'N

122° 56.802'W


I am not doing a trip tomorrow, but gather that Debi Shearwater is going out according to Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete, so you may want to phone her to inquire.


We also saw 6 South Polar skuas, four species of Storm Petrel (Ashy, Black, Wilson’s, Fork-tailed) on the Pioneer Canyon, all three jaegers, two Tufted Puffins, Sabine’s Gulls, Common Tern, etc. Tons of Pacific White-sided Dolphins, N Right Whale Dolphins, Steller’s Sea Lions, Humpback whales etc. A sunny and warm day out on the ocean.


Good birding.




Alvaro Jaramillo



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