Re: Yellow-headed Blackbird at Crissy Field (19 August)

Peter Pyle

Hi Ken -

I believe so on young male. The amount of yellow in the head is greater
than most young females and the amount of white tipping to the primary
coverts is better for young male than either age of female. Size also can
be useful - most male YHBL should appear bigger than male Brewer's whereas
most females should be smaller.


Hi all,

I found a YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD at the west end of Crissy Field this
morning, associating with a flock of Brewer's Blackbirds, Brown-headed
Cowbirds and European Starlings. First seen around 1045 and then again
around noon with Dominik Mosur. My eBird checklist with several embedded
digiscoped photos is here:

I'm wondering if this is a young male? Some of the photos show a few
small white spots on the wing coverts...

Good birding,
Ken Schneider
Noe Valley, SF

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