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Alvaro Jaramillo

Tom et al.

Thanks for posting this! I should note for the county enthusiasts that
Manx Shearwater was in San Mateo; Laysan showed up in SF and SM counties;
conveniently the two observations of Scripp's Murrelets included a pair in
SF, and a single in SM; nearly all of the storm petrels were in SF, although
one Ashy was in SM; the Buller's were all in San Francisco waters. It was
quite the trip, good weather, great conversations, superb birding, and lucky
bi-county sightings for some of the goodies.

Good birding,


Alvaro Jaramillo



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A nearly 12-hour pelagic led by Alvaro Jaramillo went from Half Moon Bay
out to Pioneer Canyon in SF waters. An all-day overcast cut down a bit on
photo-ops, but we found plenty of good birds, including a pair of Marbled
Murrelets on the way out, a Manx Shearwater seen by some, a young Laysan
Albatross, two pair of Scripps's Murrelets, a couple of Buller's
Shearwaters along with many Sooties and Pink-foots, Fork-tailed and
Wilson's as well as many Ashy Storm-Petrels, adult and sub-adult
Long-tailed Jaegers, and the largest gathering of Black-footed Albatross
most of us had seen, nearly 100 together at one time. In the harbor, a
large flock of Elegant Terns greeted our return at the end of the day with
an impressive blastoff from the jetty.

Some pictures at .

Tom Grey

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