Pioneer Canyon pelagic this Sunday - spaces still available.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi folks

We are heading out offshore this Sunday, and there are still spots
available. The plan is to go up into the pioneer canyon in San Francisco
waters, with some birding in San Mateo as well. There have been few
cloudless days recently, so the satellite data on water temperature is not
very new. Last info I have is that water is reasonably cold until about the
continental shelf, and then there is a slight but noticeable warmer water
edge out towards the Pioneer Canyon. So this is interesting, although a
stronger edge would be better, and who knows it could develop in time. Right
now weather looks good for the weekend, so we shall see what there is out
there. There have been no pelagics out since ours in May, and that was a
very interesting one with Brown Booby, unseasonal Scripp's Murrelet, as well
as Ancient Murrelet and Orcas! I think this is going to be the year of the
murrelets we will have to see if it is so this weekend when the local
pelagic season kicks off!!!

or send me an e-mail.

Good birding,


Alvaro Jaramillo


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