Re: [NBB] Coyotes and Quail

Peter Pyle

This exact same story occurred in Bolinas as well - people and cats moved in, quail disappeared by the 1980s, coyotes returned in the 1990s, quail are back and doing very well now. There's even a covey at Keith's Gallery and running up and down Wharf Road, which has been at 12 chicks and not lost even one in 10 days now. Unprecedented in the past 35 years.

As a related aside, the Canada Goose population on Bolinas Lagoon has been reduced from 100's a decade or so ago to only a few breeding birds now, which don't seem very successful. I view this as a positive, since the species is not really native and was beginning to become a problem, as on golf courses, grassy parks, etc.

So bring on the coyotes. Golden Gate Park/Presidio anyone? (SFBIrds cc'd).


At 02:55 PM 6/24/2013, Jules Evens wrote:
Hello Karen,

Thanks for your note. A seminal paper of coyote presence and the increased nesting success of shrub nesting birds (in Southern California) was published in 1999 in Nature (Vol 400 pgs 563-566). Here's a link that should work.
Nice observation!
Jules Evens

On Jun 24, 2013, at 2:30 PM, Karen Jo Rippens wrote:

Hello everyone,

Coyotes moved into my neighborhood - Quail Hill - of Terra Linda some years
ago and immediately began cleaning up our problems with rats and feral cats.
Despite the name of our hill, we had seen only an occasional quail for many
years, but soon after the coyotes became established, a pair of California
Quail showed up and produced a clutch of youngsters. Last year there were
two clutches. I haven't seen young yet this year, but at the beginning of
breeding season, we all heard many voices calling "Chicago".

There doesn't seem to be much science and I have only seen a couple of
anecdotal reports about this, but last week I spoke with an acquaintance who
lives in another corner of Terra Linda, and who reported seeing the same
thing. Coyotes moved in and now they have quail again.

I'm just wondering what others in this area are seeing. Have you also
noticed this good news where you are?


Karen Rippens

Terra Linda


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