Red Tails on Crossover Drive near Middle Lake

Allan Ridley

At about 3:00pm this afternoon, 4 red tails were calling very loudly from a pine adjacent to the lawn & pedestrian path on the east side of crossover drive. There were 3 juveniles, fully fledged & flighted with a very pale adult -female, by size - how about: "Pale Female". The birds had 2 kills, a large squirrel and a gopher. Two of the juveniles were on the prey & manteling. A third with rather full crop was on a pine brach above, also calling. The adult, who had been on the squirrel at first, freely gave over the prey to a juvenile. Some 30 or so folks walked by and observed the action within 20 feet, a senior outing group, couple of families, two folks with dogs (leashed) and the drama went on. Very exciting.

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