Mt. Davidson, 05/17/00 (6:50-8:05 AM)

Paul Saraceni <Paul.Saraceni@...>

Observations of local interest:

Caspian Tern 1 (fly-by)
Band-tailed Pigeon 4
Olive-sided Flycatcher 1
Western Wood-Pewee 1
Pacific-slope Flycatcher 1
Swainson's Thrush 8
Cedar Waxwing 5
Orange-crowned 3
Yellow 1
Townsend's 5
Hermit 1 m.
Wilson's 4
Western Tanager 2
Spotted Towhee 1 m. (back after a 3-week absence)
Black-headed Grosbeak 7

Rich F. and Eric P. were around and Eric mentioned seeing a Lazuli Bunting.

Paul Saraceni

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