Kestrel, El Polin insult

Alan Hopkins

There was a Kestrel this afternoon at Inspiration Point in the Presidio. I checked the new El Polin Springs and saw two birds. They have ruined the spring with the yellow bricks. They put a large fence up (the only one in the area) and the put part of the spring into a culvert so it is no longer visible. This is a real insult to the birding community!!!!
Alan Hopkins

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Subject: [SFBirds] Local notes: No afternoon Kestrels on Bernal Heights.
Date: Friday, December 9, 2011, 12:47 AM


Dipped trying to find an imagined Nashville Warbler at the upper reaches of St. Mary's Park. Red-shouldered Hawk and a 4-5 Cedar Waxwings.

No Kestrel.

Holly Park:

No Kestrel.

Bernal Hill: Say's Phoebe on summit fence.

Nutall's Woodpecker chirpilling (or "prrrt"ing per Nat. Geo.)in lone conifer along pavement downslope from Esmeralda Steps. May be resident.

No kestrel.

Each of these places have had wintering kestels in recent years and maybe when winter actually arrives, they'll somehow appear.

Russ Bright


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