Clay-colored Sparrow & Long-billed Dowitcher

Alan Hopkins

This morning (Tuesday) I found a Clay-colored Sparrow while leading a field trip for sixth graders around Vicitacion Valley Middle School. The bird was in the garden near the school's parking lot off Vicitacion St. This was the kids first birdwatching experience so they have about eight birds on their list including Clay Colored Sparrow! 
My day list with five classes was:California GullWestern GullSharp-shinned HawkRed-shouldered HawkRed-tailed HawkAmerican KestrelMourning DoveAnna's HummingbirdDowny WoodpeckerNuttall's WoodpeckerNorthern FlickerBlack PhoebeW. Scrub JayAmerican CrowCommon RavenChestnut-backed ChickadeePygmy NuthatchAmerican RobinCedar WaxwingYellow-rumped WarblerCalifornia Towhee (one student claimed he saw a Spotted Towhee, but I suspect it was a Junco)Clay-colored SparrowDark-eyed JuncoWhite-crowned SparrowGolden Crowned SparrowFox SparrowAmerican GoldfinchLesser GoldfinchHouse Finch
The kids didn't see all these but I did!Also on my way to my studio there was a Dowitcher I took for a Long-billed Dowitcher at India Basin Park.
Alan Hopkins 

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