Re: Mt. Davidson today

Dan Murphy <murphsf@...>

Am I the only one who's actually employed? :-(

Good birding, Dan


After hearing Paul's message I rushed up to the Mt. Arriving about 9:15 I
found the Willow Flycatcher in the Ravine and the Ash-throated further down
the tail on the north face of the Mt., near the clump of dead Eucs. Brian
Fitch showed up then Rich Ferrick. We watched the Willow for a while but
heard no Am. Redstart. Brian headed up to the top and searched in the
forest there, while Rich and I scanned the Ravine. Brian came back having
found the bird on the western slope, below the cross along the main road to
the top. It was still singing and foraging rather mid way in to the canopy
when I finally got on it. The bird ran afoul of a Wilson's Warbler and I lost
sight of it at that point. This was about 10:30.

Kevin McKereghan

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