HHP: 7/6/10 p.m.

Dominik Mosur

Spent a couple of hours scouring the marsh with my scope looking for Richard D.'s Clapper rail, without luck. I had the same negative result yesterday w/lower tide (2-4p.m)

When I left Calvin L. was still around, maybe he'll have better news.

The only thing to add to the bird's reported from there yesterday by Paul S. were a 1st summer Glaucous-winged Gull and the juvie Black Oystercatcher seen for the first time (by me at least) in flight and in the marsh.

Earlier today I birded the Buena Vista Park restoration area at lunch. A juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird was seen associating with an adult male and female Hooded Oriole.

Good birding,
Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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