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Alan Hopkins

They do seem to be reproducing along the Bay. I have never seen a nest but young have been appearing for quite a few years now. They may nest on the old pier at Heron's Head, if they nest at Double Rock they nest where I can't see the nest but I've suspected that that's a spot. There were no Oystercatchers when I atlased the area in 1990. I was a pair along the shore at Arrowhead Marsh a few weeks back. I think the invasion of zebra clams has benefited them. The pair at the Cliff house appeared to have a chick. It was too small to see but the adult appeared to be tending it.
Alan Hopkins

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I should know this, but are there are other bay-side records for BLOY
nesting? I know about the birds that nested off the Cliff House and
there's a record for Alcatraz as well. Double Rock, perhaps?


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I walked Heron's Head at lunchtime today. It was pretty quiet there.
I didn't see the Harlequin duck today. There was a Willet transitioning to breeding plumage. There were 2-3 newly minted Avocet chicks being tended to by nervous parents in the southern ponds.  Best of all was a Black Oystercatcher feeding a youngster on the concrete pier north of Heron's Head. This action was occurring in full view at the end of the pier on the part where the concrete slopes into the water. The youngster was about ½ to 2/3 the size of the parent and had a brownish bill, unlike the bright orange of its parents. Perhaps it's the chick that Eddie Bartley spotted several weeks ago. It is encouraging that it has managed to evade the nearby gulls that inhabit the pier thus far.

Mary Betlach


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