Random Notes: Presidio

Felix Rigau

On Saturday, June 5th I walked to Inspiration Pt. for sunset via El Polin and was treated to several new observations. I sighted a Dark-eyed Junco with a young fledgling gleaning insects from the branches of a redwood grove below Inspiration Pt. The adult Junco was actively fanning its tail as the fledgling flittered about gleaning insects. The "tail fanning" with its white margins was quite visible as if the adult Junco was saying to the youngster to "come here". At the base of Inspiration Pt. I heard the song of a Purple Finch. Finding the bird I noticed the songster was a female (c.p. californicus) and perched closeby was another PUFI a male who was counter singing. This was my first observation of a female Purple Finch singing!Good Birding,Felix

Felix Rigau Photography


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