Re: Hooded Oriole with Fledgling

Mark Eaton

Sorry to dampen your spirits, but that looks like a Brown-headed Cowbird chick to me. As per Jaramillo and Burke:

"Juvenile (Juvenal) [Hooded Oriole]: Like adult female, but with buffy wingbars and duller plumage. the overall colour is olive-brown above, and pale olive-yellow below. The underparts are much duller than on adult females, and they show a noticeably whitish belly unlike the females."

Also from Jaramillo and Burke:

"Hooded Oriole is parasitised by both Brown-headed Cowbird and Bronzed Cowbird; it has successfully fledged young of both species..."

Mark Eaton

On Jun 5, 2010, at 3:32 PM, GunderTaker wrote:

The highlight of my trip to the Potrero Recreational Center this morning (Saturday, June 5th) was spotting a female Hooded Oriole feeding her fledgling. The fat little guy was just sitting out on branch and I was able to watch her come and go twice. After the second feeding the fledgling was able to move off with her and I lost sight of them both.

Here are links to two of the photos I was able to get:

and being fed

Bob Gunderson


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