6/5/10 misc. observations

Dominik Mosur

Stopping at Lloyd Lake (6:45-7 a.m.) I found an adult GREEN HERON and managed to capture a sequence through the fog as it caught a fish:


This is likely a post-breeding wanderer, as there are no recent records of breeding Green Herons in the city away from Lake Merced.

(3) WILSON'S WARBLERS in the exotic plantings on the lake's north side were probably late migrants as the habitat in this area appears marginal at nest for nesting. (3) PURPLE FINCHES were singing nearby as was a BROWN CREEPER. A DOWNY WOODPECKER was heard giving rattle calls.

At Elk Glen Lake (15) CEDAR WAXWINGS feeding on red fruit (similar to a cherry?) in an exotic.

A Botta's Pocket Gopher rambling around on a lawn nearby was decidely out of habitat above ground, (perhaps a migrant from the Presidio? ;):


Driving over Twin Peaks on the way to work (sigh), I observed (3) VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS over the open reservoir just off Twin Peaks Drive. Two were adults, the third lacking the bright violet and green sheen was a hatch year bird. These are the first dispersing post-breeders of this species I have noted this year in the City.

A quick walk around Corona Hill before opening up the museum didn't produce anything in the way of passerine migrants. A pair of RED-MASKED PARAKEETS flying by are likely breeding locally though. I've seeing and hearing them almost daily in the palms that grow beside the old hospital turned condo located between Corona Hill and Buena Vista Park.

Western Gulls are the only species of gull I expect over the city in the summer month so seeing (4 adult, 1 2nd cycle) CALIFORNIA GULLS flying over Corona Hill headed NW. This is on the very late side for migrating California Gulls in the Bay Area. (2) other, single, adult California Gulls were seen flying over later on as well.

A TURKEY VULTURE soaring over the area and eventually flying off to the south had a missing 9th and broken/bent 10th primary.

A ragged AHY (after-hatch-year) RED-TAILED HAWK flew over the hill headed South around 12:45 p.m.

Between 1:10-1:25 p.m. I observed at least (7) and possibly as many as (9) Turkey Vultures soaring over the City in the triangle of airspace formed by Lafayette Park/Downtown - Corona Hill - Potrero Hill. I tried to get my Saraceni on and peered at them as hard as I could but the best I could do was pull out an adult Red-tailed hawk out of the kettle. The TVs eventually drifted north, out of sight, while the Tail continued to soar over the Mint/Market St.

A post-breeding dispersant immature/female type ALLEN's/Selasphorus type Hummingbird continued to visit the exotic and native flowers east of the Museum terrace, mixing it up with the Anna's Hummingbirds.

Good birding,
Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

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