Wrentit etc

Alan Hopkins

There was a Wrentit in the West Wash along with Orange-crowned Warbler Wilson’s Warbler and recently fledged CB Chickadees.
Not much happening in the East Wash, Jason spotted a White-throated Swift.
There was still a Wandering Tattler and Surfbird at Sutro Baths. Off-shore had 1 Murre along with a few Pacific and Red-throated Loons.
Golden Gate Park had a very few migrants including Western Tanager 2, Bullock’s Oriole 1 Orange-crowned Warbler 1, there are still big flocks of Waxwings about.
As Migratory Bird Day comes and goes without notice it is incredibly depressing to see how few migrants are moving through. I suppose much of this trend is beyond our local influence, however I find the so-called “green” city’s complete disregard for nesting birds reprehensible. Yesterday I was shocked that the city had removed the old concrete stands at the Polo Field in the Park. The last time I was there were Barn Swallows, and Black Phoebes (as well as Rock Pigeons) nest in them. There was a guy walking around with a haz-met s suit  while the swallows flew in and out of the structure, gee I guess they did not notice. The tree trimmers are at their usual nesting season pace. At Lincoln Park near the East Wash apparently one tree blew over, but the chainsaw yahoos cut down four or more trees around the fallen tree for no apparent reason. A tree was also taken down at North Lake and one or two along the path by Speedway Meadow. There have also
been recent fellings in McLaren Park. I have no doubt that the big pink triangle will be installed over scrub on Twin Peaks, no doubt covering many bird nests. An no doubt the City will try to remove what is left of the Snowy Plover habitat at Ocean Beach to dump into the Ocean south of Sloat. And then there is that bridge that will cross Yosemite Slough at Double Rock that the City can’t wait to build. I suppose the City does not know that it is a violation of the migratory Bird Treaty Act to destroy a bird nest, as it is with leash laws, and stop signs, the laws apply to someone else not us “green” San Franciscans.
Oops! Sorry for the rant!
Alan Hopkins

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