Re: Ross versus Snow Goose at Crissy Field 1/3/2010

Alvaro Jaramillo


That is a Ross's Goose. The small size compared to the Mew and California
Gulls as well as its short-necked, small-billed look are helpful in
identifying it. Also the little stumpy bill looks to have a more greyish
base, also typical of Ross's. I am sort of guessing here but I think it is a
youngster due to the dark smudge on the back scapulars/tertials; again young
Ross's are much whiter then young Snows.which look greyish overall.


Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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Saw a Ross or Snow Goose (either would be a first for me!) at the Crissy
Field lagoon late Sunday afternoon. It was hanging out with a large flock of
gulls on the eastern sandbar by the bridge. I posted a photo in the
Miscellaneous Folder.

Happy birding,


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