Alcoa White-throated Sparrow.


Before green: aluminum. About 1:30 pm today a tan-striped White-throated sparrow, associating with about 30 mostly well-spread adult White-crowned sparrows, was feeding atop the pruned shrubbery on the elevated plaza of the Eastern end of Alcoa Building on Clay St., best reached from the elevated walkway over Davis from Ferry Park. Hats off to the unknown architect of this elegant, sleekly curving, smartly planted, serenely designed and productive cement commons from the wayback! One Orange-crowned warbler, more than a few Audubon and Townsend's warblers, and several Ruby-crowned kinglets were also spotted there or/and in the adjoining park. Found on the walkway: a Swarovski binocular raincap. Russ Bright

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