SF coasts, 12/05/09

Paul Saraceni

Hugh Cotter and I birded a few locations on the ocean and bay sides of SF.

Highlights were 2 hybrids.

On the west side of the south impoundment of L. Merced, we again observed the presumed hybrid Red-breasted x Red-naped Sapsucker, still faithful to the dying pine covered with sapsucker wells near the rocky drainage. Since we first observed it 2 weeks ago, it's plumage seems to have developed a bit, as it is now showing more well-defined white wing patches and is also showing a brighter yellow wash on its belly. It called several times and chased a Ruby-crowned Kinglet from the wells.

At India Basin Open Space on the bayside, there was a drake hybrid Eurasian x American Wigeon. This bird has the rufous-colored head of a Eurasian, but with a greenish eye patch. In the same flock were a couple of striking white-morph drake American Wigeons -- showing white or cream colored foreheads and cheeks. The flock later moved to the shore of Heron's Head park.

Other observations of local interest:

Lesser Scaup 1 m. (s. L. Merced)
Common Goldeneye 3 (2 @ Yosemite Creek, 1 @ Heron's Head)
Black Scoter 20+ (the regular flock just off the s. parking lot of the Great Highway)
Red-br. Merganser 1 f. (HH)
Green Heron 1 (calling nr. concrete bridge, s. L. Merced)
Pelagic Cormorant 1 imm. (Warm Water Cove on bayside)
Common (2), Pacific (10+), Red-thr. (20+) Loons (off of s. parking lot, Great Highway)
Peregrine Falcon 3 (1 on s. tower of GG Bridge, 2 over Yosemite Creek)
Black Oystercatcher 10 (2 fly-bys @ s. parking lot, 5 @ Yosemite Creek/Double Rock, 3 @ HH)
Black-necked Stilt 2 (HH)
Am. Avocet 7 (6 @ HH, 1 @ Pier 94)
Whimbrel 6 (Yosemite Creek/Double Rock)
Gr. Yellowlegs 3 (2 @ HH, 1 @ P94)
Herring Gull 4 (2 @ s. L. Merced, 2 @ HH)
White-thr. Swift 2 (flying over Candlestick Park)
Say's Phoebe 1 (HH)
Am. Pipit 2 (calling fly-overs @ Battery Godfrey)
Lincoln's Sparrow 2 (HH)
Purple Finch 2 (calling fly-overs @ BG)
Red Crossbill 1 (calling fly-over @ concrete bridge)

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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