GGP & Sutro

Alan Hopkins

There was a White-throated Sparrow and a Lincoln's Sparrow in the williows on Strawberry Hill near the Chinese Pavilion. The Pintail was in ts usual spot. There were Red Crossiblls in the trees near the Boat House.

The albino gull was on Lloyd Lake as were six Hooded Mergansers. The Wood Duck was on Elk Glen Lake.

I heard a flock of Bluebirds over Middle Lake, but did not see them.

There were 50+ Red-throated Loons off Point Lobos, the Peregrine was on Mile Rock, there were a few Murre fly-bys, but best of all was a Sea Otter just below the observation deck.

Alan Hopkins

ps just got Steller's Jay as a yard bird!

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