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Alan Hopkins

It’s been twenty years since we worked on the San Francisco Breeding Bird Atlas, I would suggest that revisiting the atlas might be of greater use that just getting abundance numbers. The Atlas has protocols that are followed by many counties and so our data would be relevant to other areas. The atlas also has relative abundance of nesting birds which may be of greater use than raw numbers. I still have pages and pages of forms that many of us filled out in the Presidio in 1990 and nothing has ever been done with them. Gathering numbers is only half the work, crunching them into something useful is the other half and something I am, for one, not skilled enough to do.
I don’t know how valid single day efforts are for getting “the big picture” because there will never be enough people to cover every area. CBC data is of value because it is collected over many years. When I started the Rare Bird Roundup I considered asking people to keep records, but I think people who are out looking for rare birds don’t/won’t be bothered with counting Rock Pigeons and House Finches.
Alan Hopkins

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