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Alan Hopkins

I think that there are more than one flock/group. I see them flying over McLaren Park all the time. I don't think they are the same birds as the ones seen in the northern part of the city.

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I wonder what the total SF population is these days. The high for the
CBC data is 138 for count 107 which I believe is 2006. Anyone have a
better number?

CBC data can be accessed at:

http://audubon2. org/cbchist/ count_table. html


Mark Eaton
mark@markeaton. org

On Oct 31, 2009, at 1:41 PM, Dominik Mosur wrote:

As Randall Museum staff and volunteers worked to put the finishing
touches on the preparation for Halloween Fest they were treated to a
massive fly-over of Red-MASKED Parakeets in the fog.

I would estimate that a minimum of 60 flew over and there were
likely quite a few more. Probably a large percentage of the entire
population in the city and least 3 times more than I have ever noted
over the museum at any one time.

The RMPAs were headed SW in the direction of Mt.Olympus/Cole Valley.

At lunch I walked the hill. Most notable was an assemblage of
gleaners attracted to the blooming, invasive, German Ivy that grows
along the fence to the dog run. Mixing it up with a flock of
Bushtits were (3) Townsend's Warblers, several Ruby-Crowned Kinglets
and the continuing Hutton's Vireo.

The Myoporum stand next to the dog run continues to host a nice
group of (50+) Cedar Waxwings allowing some of the best close-up
views of these common yet beautiful fall/winter visitors as they
gorge on purple berries.

A Red-tailed Hawk with a full crop was seen flying over head trying
to elude the un-friendly attention of a pair of Common Ravens.


Also I would like to send out a plea to anyone with influence in
such matters that Corona Heights park is sorely in need of a clean up.

For the past two months I have been regularly calling 311 and
updating case # 503538 pertaining to a number of illegal encampments
in the park.
This is after attempting to follow PROPER CHANNELS and calling
Rec&Park directly.

The smell of human waste is pervading the park and the garbage is
piling up. Just recently a group of Natural Areas volunteers had to
call on Park Patrol to assist them after being confronted by an
enraged "resident" of the park who objected to their activities. My
repeated requests for a clean up seem to have fallen on deaf ears
and the amount of trash exceeds my capabilities to ameliorate this
sad state on my own.

Thank you,
Dominik Mosur

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