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I am sorry if you got this already, it seems that most of my postings
bounced yesterday.

Quail Report Sat June 10,

I�ve been out on the lookout for quail nesting lately.

Friday I did not see either of female quail in Strybing. There was a
male on century duty on the slender Douglas Fur in the California
Garden. This is not far from where the nest was robbed a few weeks ago.
The female could be on a second clutch now. we should keep our eyes
open. I suspect the other female may be trying to nest near or in the
succulent garden again. Unfortunately they had the sprinklers on over
the area and then it rained. This is bad news for birds trying to
incubate eggs.
Last weekend and during the week I weeded around most of our quail
plants, Don Mahony found out that the mowers would be in and had someone
use a weed-wacker to make a broader area around the plants so they
wouldn�t get mowed down.

In the Presidio:

Last weekend I saw a pair near the two brown brick buildings along
Battery Caulfield Rd., but could not find the birds in the restored
area. Today I bumped into Josiah leading a trip for Presidio folks he
was able to point out the pair by the brick buildings, and in the
restored area. (I had looked for both and missed, seems they like it to
warm up before the come out of hiding) Also Damian Raffa had some great
new caution Quail signs put up, near where two females were run over
some time back.

At fort Funston I was finally able to see the bird I had been hearing
for weeks. It was in the restored revine that boarders the northern edge
of the Skyline Grove by some black plastic sheeting. I saw the male
standing on a small concrete structure. He was just standing there
acting strangely, and then I saw the female directly below him in the
structure. As I watched the female I realized why the male was acting so
strangely� the female was hobbling about on one foot and appeared to
have a broken leg. I watched for about ten minutes until the female
hobbled under some brush and out of sight. Ugh! I don�t think she will
last long. I hope she lives long enough to get a clutch off.
While I can�t say for sure who the culprit was, only a quarter of the
dogs that are supposed to be on leashes are actually leashed. All it
would take is one bad dog of the hundreds that go by to do this. �Bad
dog does� not cut it when the dog has a quail in its jaws.

At least the flowers were lovely.


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