Friday evening

Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

escaped the airless building where I work to confront a gorgeous day that
existed outside

Mother Ruddy Duck with six ducklings...south of cement bridge, Merced...male was
visible 100 yards away
Four juvenile Coot and two juvenile PB Grebe in that part of Merced as well
many juvenile BRBL and RWBL

at south end of Ocean Beach( checkin gon dan's Bank Sw) 1 Pig Guil >6 Surf
Sc 2 Whimbrel all the usual stuff as well

Land's End 2 We Grebe remain nothing else unusual except skunk at the
willows below Merrie Way

This morning: Gadwall pair at Mallard Lake, with Gr Egret nearby...if they have
a nest I hope it is well hidden

Yesterday I checked the nesting HUVI at MIddle Lake, adult still on intact
nest...soon we'll see if they are raising a Cowbird or chicks of their own
and there was a pair of No RW Swallows in the flock feeding over Spreckels

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